The Finest Plant Nutrients
From Humboldt County
In The Heart of California's
Emerald Triangle
Humboldt Plant Fertilizers™ all natural fertilizer formulas are created 
with the knowledge base of one of the world's only premier 
growing regions for medicinal plants. 

At Humboldt Plant Fertilizers,™ we consider our Humboldt County,
California location to be the perfect test lab for all of our nutrients and micro-nutrients.
Our area has advanced historical and continued knowledge for growing our kind of plants, and experienced growers prefer all natural fertilizers for their medicinal plant growth for optimal quality and flavor. 

Humboldt Plant Fertilizers™ are made from only all-natural top shelf ingredients. Our formulas are constantly retested to guarantee consistency in our all-natural, earth friendly products for NPK as well as pH.  We seek only the very best from the Earth and the Sea.

Look for the symbol of the Holy Cow™ on all of our products.  This symbolizes our pledge to never use any slaughterhouse by-products. You will never find any bone meal, blood meal, feather meal or any other by-products that are derived from the slaughter of any mammals or birds.
We use a proprietary process of extracting vital nutrients during the manufacturing of our fertilizers, nutrients, micro nutrients and supplements.  Humboldt Plant Fertilizers™ allows you to use all natural products to help your best plants reach their maximum potential.  As always, we never use any chemicals in our all natural fertilizer nutrients!

Humboldt Plant Fertilizers™ is an easy to use system. Just follow the feeding charts on the back of all of our products. Humboldt Plant Fertilizers™ can be used in soil applications, hydroponics, coconut fiber as well as in all other mediums. Our friends & customers love the simplicity of using our natural liquid fertilizers and are always amazed with the results. Please check out our "Growing Tips" button for insight and information to grow your best plants ever. We are committed to helping you grow the highest quality medicinal plants possible with the worlds finest nutrients and fertilizers.
As residents of one of the few world class growing regions for medicinal plants we are proud to be based in and to have all of our formulas originate from Humboldt County, California.  
**Humboldt Plant Fertilizers™ are great for ALL of the crops in your garden including vegetables, fruits, and flowers**
***DO NOT use Humboldt Plant Fertilizers™ in any way that violates the law. Please check the laws of your particular country before you grow any plant with Humboldt Plant Fertilizers™ including medicinal marijuana.***
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